RTCD2 - Fergus Kelly: Unmoor

Fergus Kelly: Unmoor

Composed from field recordings made in Dublin and
Helsinki 1998 - 2004

Dredging For Leftovers

Dragged tubular steel frame chairs in large gallery space (lino floor), ceiling mounted pneumatic paper dropppers, wooden slats dragged across wooden bannister, wood sheet dragged in orbital motions on gritty wooden floor, ventillation shaft recorded in Helsinki hotel.

Cold Haul

Heavy wooden tables dragged across lino floor, rubber backed step ladders dragged across lino floor in large gallery space, gas boiler (domestic). 

Haunted Air

Spinning curtain, fireworks, retracting tape measure, kicked styrofoam cup, pigeons, welding preparations, whirled cable.

Ruin Hewn Anew

Metal rack on wooden plinth, rubber ball dragged across metal plate (part of large canon on Soumenlinna Island, Helsinki), fingers on formica, thumbs on plastic, metal rack on filing cabinet, door creak, rubble crushed underfoot.


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