RTB1 - Fergus Kelly: Imaginary Geographies

Imaginary Geographies is a 36 page A5 landscape booklet with 10 drawings, a 4,000 word essay and 20 archive photos of Dublin in the 90s. The book is in a limited edition of 50 only. The essay traces the background of the images via work begun in the late 80s and since developed in print, painting and drawing. It looks at the changes in Dublin's built environment throughout the 70s, 80s & 90s from a personal perspective, weaving various stories, impressions and associations; indelible experiences of the city. 

The images enter into a kind of digital operating theatre, where parts are grafted and sutured in a danse macabre of old and new structures; cannibalised, cross-hatched and conjoined, wildly yoked and conjugated into promiscuous hybrid forms.

The archive photos are memory prompts for previous city configurations and appearances. They jog associated recollections, opening portals to different times, younger selves, different scenes and people, events and incidents. Memory is imprinted across the surface of the city. People appear and disappear, resurface years later.



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