RTCD9 - Fergus Kelly: Swarf















Fergus Kelly: Swarf

Parts I - IV

Composed with recordings of bowed
steel rods with sheet steel resonator

"Swarf is a three-inch CD containing 20 minutes composed by gathering gentle noises emitted via bowed steel rods with sheet steel resonator, edited in consecutive loops and logical sequences in order to let them appear like veritable pieces of music. Obviously comparable to an acoustic sculpture or an installation ? think a cross of a sedated Organum and a shut-in-a-closet version of Jonathan Coleclough ? characterized by a sort of imprecise lyricism made acceptable by the short duration of the five tracks, each giving a different interpretation of the basic concept. Not really harsh, but also not excessively placid; minimalist in a way. Small doses of aural satisfaction are in any case guaranteed. A sufficiently grown-up release in this busy area."

Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes


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