RTCD8 - Kelly/Lacey/McNulty/Vogel: TCD 8.10.05
















Trinity College Chapel 8 October 2005

Concert for Loving Architecture Festival
organised by The Architects Association of Ireland
Trinity College Chapel Dublin 8 October 2005

Fergus Kelly: Cabinet of Curiosities
David Lacey: percussion/electronics
Dennis McNulty: computer
Paul Vogel: computer

"If the material that has turned up on CD is truly representative, some of the most interesting improvisation during the last few years has been made in Ireland, and Fergus Kelly, David Lacey, Dennis McNulty and Paul Vogel have had a hand in much of it. They seem able to move freely and unselfconsciously between improvisation's various sub-genres, doing things in their own sweet way. McNulty and Vogel play computers, Lacey is a percussionist whose kit includes electronics, and Kelly plays the Cabinet of Curiosities, an amplified acoustic instrument of his own making.

The ritual tolling with which the Trinity College Chapel performance begins reveals the room's cavernous resonance, and the members of the quartet engage with it as much as they do with each other. In this unbroken 34-minute performance they cover a lot of ground, and the music moves through several distinct phases. As with some of the best group improvisation, its evolutionary narrative is characterised by temporal lulls, sudden developmental spurts and systemic mutations. From moment to moment the direction that the music will take is often hard to predict, and there's not a dull moment to be had."

Brian Marley, The Wire


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