Saturday, April 25, 2020

Ever Circling (Bowie tribute)

I've just completed a David Bowie tribute, the most ambitious of my tributes to date. Full statement and piece can accessed here

Cast of characters (in order of appearance):

Dick Cavett
David Bowie
Rip Torn
Mae West
George Formby
John Harris
Norman Carl Odam
Nic Roeg
Woody Wooodmansey
Elvis Presley
Candy Clark
Michael Palin
Russell Harty
Dudley Moore
Peter Cook 
Buck Henry
David Beales
John Hurt
Richard Burton
Malcolm McDowell
William Burroughs
Cyril Cusack
Geoff McCormack
Carlos Alomar
Ava Cherry
Earl Slick
Peter Sellers
Johnny Mathis
Iggy Pop
Dennis Davis
Graham Lewis
Charles Shaar Murray
Brian Eno
Tony Visconti
Robert Fripp
Chris Burden
Jacques Brel
Debbie Harry
Rutger Hauer

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